Japan Day 4: Kyoto

So on Day 4 (& 5) we basically followed the itinerary on this site.

We headed to:

  1. Fushimi Inari 
  2. Kiyomizu-dera
  3. Sannen-zaka & Ninen-zaka
  4. Gion

We had an early day, left the apartment at about 8-9ish. I think it was a Sunday, so the Fushimi Inari shrine was like crazy packed.

But it was such a pretty place! Didn’t read the itinerary properly so we didn’t know that to reach the top, it takes 1-2h?! We climbed like 45 min and only reached the middle part lol. But it was super pretty la. Anw so we decided to turn back in the middle part and head to the next place. But I was quite reluctant coz I wanted to experience the whole thing (God knows when I’ll come again). But maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t coz it was super packed when we went down and I think it’ll be worse if we didn’t leave then. 

J kept joking that we will see the Inari God on the top. I.e. The sushi thing 😑 Cannot stand his lameness sometimes lol

Some photos of the Fushimi Inari shrine (in no order):



Are these cherry blossoms? Saw this pretty tree in the middle of front of this alter thing. It wasn’t along the main path


The view in the middle! Turned back down after this part lol



There’s this rutual were you put your coins in the basket and wash it. Probably to wash your money to increase your wealth?

We had some of the street food at the foot of the shrine! The beef stew + yaki soba is super good! The beef stew was melt-in-your-mouth fatty and sweet lol. For the yaki soba, so far we haven’t tried any other yaki soba that compares to this first one can lol. We rly wouldn’t mind coming back to Kyoto just for this two dishes lol


Anw then we headed to Kiyomizudera! This is also a very pretty place. The main attraction is probably the wooden platform that is totally built on wooden stilts. The view was rly pretty, though I imagine it would be even more breathtaking during autumn when the trees are erupting in a tapestry of golden and orange and brown 😍😍😍


Walked up Sannen-zaki/Ninen-zaki (not sure which one, but you can walk up one and down the other) to Kiyomizudera


Saw this old man dressed in this traditional garb! He’s a tour guide k, saw him explaining the shrine to some angmohs



We then walked down and randomly walked to this aged-beef katsu place coz there was a queue and it looked not bad. There was a queue this sign outside reading “gyu-katsu” in Japanese. We queued for quite some time here, and every time someone walked past they would read out the sign that it sort of became quite funny lol. Like every time leh! Different groups of ppl reading the same thing whenever they walked past!! 😂😂😂 Marketing lesson learnt: Queues will draw attention to your signs, so make sure your signs are captioned properly lol
But anw in the end the beef okay only lol. Maybe coz it was cooked in the katsu way and I still preferred my Hida beef lol.

We then decided to take a bus to Gion. Which only upon boarding we realized we were taking the wrong direction and heading back to Kyoto station. But anyhow we realized that we didn’t have to follow the itinerary completely in terms of transport, as our Airbnb had some buses nearby that went straight to the locations as well.

Anw Gion was quite okay la, just a street that looked more oldish. Didn’t manage to see any geishas though! We walked around this park in a temple ground for awhile. Saw this pagoda (dno which one). Really love how the old and new coexist so beautifully in Japan.


One of the more modern streets in Gion


And this is the more famous geisha street in Gion


The garden in the temple grounds. The whole compound was quite big so we just walked abit and left


Le random pagoda


We walked there for abit then went for some desserts! Tried some parfait – matcha and some other weird flavor that was sweet and salty at the same time. J claims that this was the first lousy meal he had in Japan lol coz the weird flavored parfait was rly bad. He developed a great dislike for parfait a thereafter.

We then headed home to rest for the next day~


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